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Traveling In The European Union With Free Movement Rights

Ever since the inception of the EU over 10 years ago, the block has had to endure numerous teething problems. Basically, the block purposed to ensure that all EU citizens can live, and work or even travel anywhere within the EU without much hassle. With this concept in mind, the founders then went on to craft rules and laws on how to make this vision a reality. Today, movement of people across the EU has been greatly simplified. Free movement of EU citizens under the famous Schengen system, means that member citizens can travel freely within member countries, often without need for any visa. And even as the UK voted to leave the EU, below are some facts to know about traveling across the EU, and the movement rights available;

  • Article 21 of the EU treaty is very clear on the rights accorded to members of EU, when it comes to moving around. For instance, one has a right to travel anywhere within the EU with their family or friends, although under certain conditions. As an EU citizen, you can reside within any member country for up to 3 months without anyone harassing you. You just need to have a valid passport or National Identity card.
  • In instances where one wants to prolong or extend this 3 months duration, one would have to meet some additional conditions. These conditions are determined by among other things, your status; you could be a student, a worker, and so on forth.
  • When it comes to moving to another EU country permanently, Article 16 is quite clear on this. You’d have to have stayed in that country continuously, for a period of not less than 5 years.
  • It’s also worth noting that all EU citizens are accorded some certain coverage in matters health and social security. One of the best examples here is the famous European health insurance card. EHIC, as the card is often referred to as, allows citizens of the EU to access medical care while traveling within the EU, at subsidized costs. This is especially important for UK citizens planning to travel across the EU; in the absence of this card you’d have to rely on private insurance even for the slightest medical checkup.
  • EHIC renewals can be applied for online from some of the reputable websites offering these services. The beauty of EHIC is that it also covers preexisting conditions; this makes it an ideal document to have anytime you’re traveling within the EU.


Safest Travel In London From Liberty Cabs

There are many things a person needs to look for when booking a taxi service in order to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. Although price is always the first factor that comes into play, it is not always everything. You are well aware of the adage “cheap is expensive”. So even if it is advantageous to find a low cost transportation service, there are other risk factors that might be associated with such a service. So security should come as your top priority when choosing a cab service. A traveler may be carrying valuables and needs to feel safe as he is being transported to and from the airport. Safety also includes the condition of the car you are traveling in. If the cabs are not in good condition, there is risk of breaking down and you could miss your flight schedules. So in view of all these factors, Liberty cars has put security their top priority when offering cab services;

  • Fully trained drivers; our cab drivers have received full training in passenger driving and are therefore careful while traversing the busy city. They are also accredited by London transport for London. As experienced drivers they have full knowledge of all the areas in London and are in the best position to advise you on what route to take. You will meet with them inside the terminal in their full uniforms.
  • Baby and child seat; if you are looking for cabs for traveling with a baby or an infant, you need to feel comfortable and safe. So Liberty cars have ensured we include baby car seats available upon requests. These are all free of charge.
  • Top quality vehicles; the cars are in good condition and we never compromise on quality when choosing the cabs. Liberty cars are very comfortable to ride in and they are all brand new. There are no surprises on your trip causing great disappointments and delayed or missed appointments.
  • Fixed prices; booking is made online and we accept major credit cards so you can be assured there are no hidden charges. You will receive an email confirmation once this is done.

We also provide sightseeing tours to all London visitors. There are great places to tour within the city, from museums to meeting the queen. We can arrange for such trips and ensure we drop you off at exactly where you want to be.